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Originally, my intentions were to make this all about nappy hair and related topics. I soon realized that makes me yawn because there’s only so much you can say, plus I’m sooooo not the beauty type (don’t wear makeup, sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don’t). I will continue to post nappy stuff as I try new products and new-do’s and such, but I’m also going to share topics that strike a nerve for me and call at my soul to speak out, websites and blogs worth checking, black media and entertainment news, charitable causes, current events, history revisited, etc. Those who know me in my day to day life know that I’m passionate about things and have no problems letting people know what I think.

I hope you enjoy visiting and reading something here that strikes your fancy and provokes discussion or at least makes you laugh.

I only know you’re here if you tell me so leave a comment or share a good hair stylist or barber in your town (you know how hard that is to find).

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On the subject of nappy…

I’ve contemplated going natural since my undergrad years and finally did it for good in August 2004 shortly after starting grad school. I just got that feeling that the time was right (the decision to head back to school after 9 years was life changing in itself), so I cut off my relaxer and never looked back. It was one of the the most liberating things I’ve done in my lifetime. I don’t reject anyone who has chemicals in their hair- heck, I’m starting to play with dying mine. However, I do think we African-Americans need to, once and for all, embrace “good hair” as what God blessed us with NATURALLY.



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