Jennifer Keitt hosts Today’s Black Woman Power Breakfast 2010

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Nationally acclaimed radio talk show personality and author Jennifer Keitt is hosting Today’s Black Woman Power Breakfast 2010 “Red Carpet Ladies” on March 13 in Atlanta, GA.  The event is already sold out, but I wanted to bring it to your attention if you didn’t know and to hear from those of you who are planning to attend.  More information can be found on Jenner Keitt’s Events section of her website.

Other ways to hear Jennifer Keitt are weekdays on her 60 second syndicated radio segment “Today’s Black Woman” covering a variety of topics from relationships to finance to health.  There is also a weekly e-newsletter that accompanies the show.  If you are interested, sign up on her website (click HERE to be taken to the e-newsletter sign up page, NOTE the full form didn’t show up on my browser so i hit the “tab” key to get to the submit button).  Jennifer has authored a book entitled “The Power of Being a Real Woman.”  Additonally, she has recently launched a YouTube Channel called the “Women’s Empowerment Channel” (  On May 5, 2010 Jennifer will be speaking at the Territorial Youth Workers Conference in Orlando, FL (see and,

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