(Part 4) LAPD Captain Ann Young: Safety advice for women

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I knew while I had Capt. Ann’s attention that I wanted her to share some advice to keep women safe when leaving their homes.  It’s so easy to take your surroundings for granted.  We’ve all been guilty of it at some point in time, but it only takes a moment, ladies.

Take heed and read below…

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Affrodite:  Do you have advice for women about protecting themselves in general?

Capt. Young: I think they still have some of these programs. I think they call them Lady Beware where the officers from the area station will go out and give community talks to women about how to protect themselves. When you leave the house, you know, sometimes we are preoccupied, putting on makeup and lipstick and not looking at their surroundings and people just jump in the car. Lock your doors. Even if you’re just going a few blocks…if you stop at a light, guys can just run in.

Affrodite: Yes, would you say that’s regardless of neighborhood? I know I’ve been in many cars where the door’s locked because they believe they’re in a bad neighborhood.

Capt. Young: Yes, regardless of neighborhood. I make it a habit, no matter where I am, I lock the doors. Especially if you’re not familiar with the neighborhood, someone will come up and say something like, ‘Hey ma’am, do you have the time? Do you have a cigarette?’ and as they’re leaning in, your door’s unlocked.


Affrodite: What about young women going out at night? Going out with the girls.

Capt. Young: Well, that’s another story. Remember Natalee Holloway that was on the high school trip out to Aruba and ended up missing? You go out with the girls because you want to stay with the girls. Don’t leave with the boys. You stay with the girls. That’s why you all went out. She left her friends. That’s violation. You don’t know these guys. You’re on an island, you don’t know anything, you don’t know anybody. It’s heartbreaking for the family. When you go out with your girlfriends, stay with them no matter what. No matter how cute or fine the guy is.


Affrodite: Is it helpful for women to carry mace or pepper spray? Have you run into cases where that has been effective?

Capt. Young: That’s good. It’s very effective. Mace is probably better. In fact, [carrying mace] is probably more effective than a gun only because if you don’t know how to shoot the firearm, you can’t guarantee you’ll be able to shoot it in that circumstance. Mace is going to be a good close contact defense. I don’t care who they are, mace reacts the same on everyone. They can’t see. They can’t talk, and that will give you an opportunity to get away.

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