See live gangsters! LA Gang Tours through South Los Angeles

This is nothing but another bad hustle, unfortunately from an ex-gang member.  I feel similarly to this as I did about the Lower Ninth Ward tours in New Orleans (see article “Refugees to Evacuees to Tourist Spectacles, more of my post-Katrina anger“).  Total exploitation of people.  Watch this news clip.

If you saw it, the reporter, Leanne Suter from ABC 7 in Los Angeles, mentions that this guy has negotiated a cease fire from 3 gangs already to help ensure safety…between the hours of 10am and 1pm. I heard the first part and had hope. Then, I heard the rest and was like, wtf?? Heaven forbid a tour run past 1pm.

Whether it creates jobs, opens communication, is “non-profit” (I’m not sure I buy that it’s truly a by the book non-profit) or otherwise, I think this is all around bad idea.


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