Movie “Secret Sisterhood” covers taboo aspect of pledging a black sorority

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I learned about this movie, Secret Sisterhood, by Walt Anderson via YouTube. I’ve seen the trailer (below) and am definitely going to watch the entire film online. I just wanted to spread the word. This covers some taboo aspects of black Greek organizations. I do not belong to one so I don’t claim to be any sort of authority, but I went to an HBCU, contemplated joining at various points in life, and know a lot of people who are part of Greek organizations.  I recognize that there are many wonderful things that black sororities and fraternities do, but this is the primary aspect that kept me from joining.  As a good student and strong black woman, I didn’t want to put my academics at risk nor let other women disrespect my body in the name of sisterhood.  In a way, those two points alone seem to contradict what sororities should be about.  I personally feel there are a lot of other ways to prove your dedication.

Check it out, and comment with your thoughts.

The Secret Sisterhood is about college female students that want to pledge a sorority. Their dilemma is do they pledge underground (OLD SCHOOL) or become “paper” members (NEW SCHOOL). Will they do anything to belong? (source: Secret Sisterhood Youtube channel)

When Alexis Thompson gets accepted to college on a four year scholarship, she is determined to pledge AAK and become a sorority girl like her mother. But as she starts to learn what it means to be a pledge and understands the secrets and the frightening process, it quickly becomes clear that some people are willing to do anything to belong… (source: Secret Sisterhood official website)

Watch the trailer for “Secret Sisterhood” below…

UPDATE Jan 30, 2014: The trailer and almost all online references to this film have been removed from the internet. I’m not sure why.

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