Reaction to Michael Vick on 60 Minutes (video)

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I don’t even really watch football, but Michael Vick’s story has really caught my attention.  I think it’s because he’s a black man, a celebrity in his own right, who has done wrong- not to a human but to animals.  It strikes an inner debate with me on what the appropriate punishment should have been/be and how angry I should be.

I’m glad he got signed to the Eagles.  As the news has reminded us, and I have lived to see, Philly is a town with some tough fans (forget Santa, I used to see them boo kids at halftime during Sixers games).  If there’s a city where he can definitely sink or swim.

Here’s the interview Michael Vick did on 60 Minutes last night.  It was his first interview since being released from prison.

I’ve seen it a few times now.  Something about his voice lacks passion, like he is saying what he should be saying hoping that the public will love him again.  I mentioned to some folks on Twitter yesterday that I would want to see him actually interact with dogs in order for me to really see if he has changed his outlook.  You can tell a lot from watching someone physically interact with animals.

I did see a sadness in Vick’s eyes.  I do think he’s paid a price that has hit his pockets, career, and reputation.  However, watch the part where he’s talking to kids in Atlanta.  Would you be moved by those words?  He definitely needs some more coaching.

I’ve forgiven Vick and feel he deserves a second chance and have always spoken that way, but I know a lot of you feel differently.  Additionally, I hope those dogs that they rescued from his home can truly be rehabilitated.

Are you glad that he got signed to the Eagles?

Do you think he will be able to fully rebound?  If so, will it be as a changed man?

What do you think about that statement about how he found God at his lowest point in prison?

Have you forgiven Michael Vick?  Were you ever mad at Michael Vick?

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