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Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” not exactly what black folks hoped for

I still haven’t seen Chris Rock’s “Good Hair,” but I’ve certainly blogged about it. Even the very words “good hair” inject divisiveness to the African-American community that dates back to slavery. To me, using those words came with high expectations. Maybe Chris Rock would finally set the records straight for black people, especially black women, as well as all of the world’s ethnicities out there that are forever curious about nappy hair. Besides, Chris Rock had his “boy” helping him out, none other than Nelson George.

Michael Jackson (1958-2009) by Nelson George

Michael was prepping to try to recapture his once elevated status with 50 sold out shows at London’s massive O2 arena. But that was not to be. In fact I believe that the stress of preparing for that show, after his long performing layoff, played a role in his demise.