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Allstate’s 2010 Give Back Day Heroes and resources on how to volunteer beyond February

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed MLK Day into law making it recognized as a Federal holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday…Two years ago, the insurance company Allstate developed their own program called Allstate Give Back Day on MLK Day in an effort to do their part to realize Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision and demonstrate their own commitment to serving the communities in which they live. Additionally, Allstate Give Back Day annually selects Give Back Day Heroes who generously serve and positively impact their communities through year round volunteerism.

The King of Love is Dead- April 4, 1968

The King of Love is Dead as Nina Simone called it in her song written after learning about MLK’s death. Let’s go full circle here… Nov 23, 1963 interview with MLK regarding the death of John F. Kennedy April 3, 1968 MLK speaks to city workers in Memphis, giving his …

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