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South African 800m world record holder Caster Semenya genetic testing complete. Humiliated by public revelation.

I often wonder had she not broken the world record if people would have been as concerned? I also wonder if they do this testosterone testing all the time on athletes because there’s no doubt in my mind that Caster Semenya is alone. Then of course there’s the issue of race which South African leaders have pointed to from the very beginning claiming that they’re going after her because she doesn’t fit the European standard of beauty.

Much respect for Field Negro’s blog

(Update 3/14: changed post title, i always thought it sounded retarded… This continues to be my favorite blog to read.  Field Negro is a good mix of social commentary, politics, and current events.  Lately, it’s been mostly politics but that’s what’s hot in current events.  Field’s posts are cleverly written …

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