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Aron Ranen documentary “Black Hair” delves deeper into the black hair industry

I finally saw “Good Hair” last weekend (I know I’m super late), and thought Chris Rock did a good job presenting an overview of Black America’s obsession with hair and attaining what has been called “good hair” meaning straight, anglo-saxon hair. “RealitySurfer” left a comment on my post “Chris Rock’s ‘Good Hair’ not exactly what black folks hoped for” pointing me to the Aron Ranen documentary “Black Hair.” So far I’ve only watched the the 10 minute clip below, but I’m already intrigued.

Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” not exactly what black folks hoped for

I still haven’t seen Chris Rock’s “Good Hair,” but I’ve certainly blogged about it. Even the very words “good hair” inject divisiveness to the African-American community that dates back to slavery. To me, using those words came with high expectations. Maybe Chris Rock would finally set the records straight for black people, especially black women, as well as all of the world’s ethnicities out there that are forever curious about nappy hair. Besides, Chris Rock had his “boy” helping him out, none other than Nelson George.

New website promotes positive self image for African-American girls

I was overjoyed to run across an article on about this new website Just launched on October 14, 2009 by founders Yanique Redwood, PhD, MPH; Alana Jones, and Aisha Penson who not only realized the lack of positive imagery for young African-Americans but took matters into their own hands by launching Sunkissed Girlz. African-Americans are so diverse and unfortunately sometimes divided when it comes to matters of skin tone, body shape, and hair texture.