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Morehouse College dress code. Let’s talk about it.

Over the weekend, I was watching Don Lemmon on CNN talk on several occasions about the new dress code at Morehouse College. If you aren’t aware, Morehouse is an all male Historically Black College and University (HBCU) and considered to be an elite institution for black men. While there are 11 points addressed on the policy, the one about not wearing women’s attire is gaining the most attention.

South African 800m world record holder Caster Semenya genetic testing complete. Humiliated by public revelation.

I often wonder had she not broken the world record if people would have been as concerned? I also wonder if they do this testosterone testing all the time on athletes because there’s no doubt in my mind that Caster Semenya is alone. Then of course there’s the issue of race which South African leaders have pointed to from the very beginning claiming that they’re going after her because she doesn’t fit the European standard of beauty.

Body found on Yale’s campus is likely Annie Le. Disappearance now ruled a homocide.

How absolutely devastating. Just days before Yale doctoral student Annie Le was supposed to enjoy one of the biggest moments of her life, she disappears somewhere in the building of her lab of all places. Now the news is reporting that a body has been found but not officially naming it as Annie Le’s pending formal identification (I dread ever having to be called to identify the dead body of a loved one).

Thanksgiving: Giving pause for the wrongdoings that have been misconstrued as a holiday.

I have long struggled with Thanksgiving in the same way that I struggle with the 4th of July. As an African-American who has ancestry in Africa and the original Americans who were here when Columbus “discovered” America…among so many other cultures that are just a part of the story of being an African American, I find that once I know the truth, it’s simply hard to find something festive in this holiday. As such, from year to year, I just do whatever. Sometimes with family and sometimes without. A vivid memory is one of the other conscious black buddies of mine back at Morgan State handing out fliers on campus with the title “Thanks-Taking” with a wanted photo on it.

Death of print media, am I and other bloggers to blame?

After receiving some very sad news yesterday that someone very close to me lost his job at The Washington Times, I had a Willy Loman, from the novel Death of a Salesman, moment.  What happens when everything you believed crumbles around you? Here’s a hard working black man, not in …

Juneteenth or July 4th? Conflict woes as an African-American

I never grew up knowing of or even celebrating Juneteenth. That was something I came to know about in college. As I grew more conscious in my high school and college years, I felt less and less compelled to join in 4th of July festivities. It’s one of those things …

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