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Entertainer’s Basketball Classic announces 1st annual Norman Ostrin Invitational

The Entertainer’s Basketball Classic (EBC) announces the launch of their first annual Norman Ostrin High School Invitational tournament, a Tri-State basketball competition between invited elite High School-aged traveling teams from across New York City’s five boroughs, Westchester, Connecticut and New Jersey. These elite High School-aged traveling teams will play against each other for the bragging rights that they are the best in their area and the opportunity to represent their Borough/Area in the 2010 Entertainer’s Basketball Classic this summer.

Concert: Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars, May 12 in West Hollywood

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars are a group of musicians who escaped the horrific violence of Sierra Leone’s civil war, landed in a West African refugee camp and formed a band to keep their spirits up and their hopes alive. From these humble beginnings the band has now grown to be an international musical sensation. Their can’t help but dance live shows and their musical message have earned them devoted fans around the world. They’ve known the horrors of war firsthand and have become ambassadors of peace. An unbelievable testament to the human spirit, the journey of Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars exemplifies the universal healing power of music.

May 4, 2010: 40 years after Kent State massacre in Ohio

..National Guard troops fired on a large crowd of students who were demonstrating against Nixon’s invasion of Cambodia. Those killings in Ohio helped shape the attitudes, politics and history of my generation, and so it seems frankly strange that so little public notice is given to the anniversary of Kent State, or to its aftermath on American college campuses. Oh, once a year, the press drags out the photo of the young woman on her knees crying next to a dead student, but that’s pretty much it. We Americans aren’t exactly known for caring deeply about our own history, but regardless of our national amnesia, it’s a simple fact that May 1970 was a turbulent, chaotic time that scared hell out of the established order.

Columbus, OH: King Arts Complex “Global Reflections” Gala, Shirley Murdock to perform

PNC proudly presents the King Arts Complex 23rd Anniversary Gala “Global Reflections,” Saturday, May 15th 8:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m. at the King Arts Complex 867 Mt. Vernon Avenue. Global Reflections is the premiere event of the 2010 season! The King Arts Complex will take you on a journey to various destinations around the world including North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean celebrating our rich and diverse threads while reflecting our soulful connections and commonalities!

Your input is needed! 2010 Economic Survey of Black America

In an effort to better understand the economic status of African-Americans and the perceptions behind the racial disparity that exists in today’s economy,, a premier African-American website for economic and political news, has commissioned the largest-ever consumer study of African-American consumers and workers. In partnership with the national sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Sorority, Inc., the “2010 Economic Survey of Black America” seeks to provide a clear assessment of Black America’s economic status and black consumer confidence from the perspective of thousands of black consumers and workers.

Katie Washington becomes Notre Dame’s first ever black valedictorian

There’s news that makes the headlines, and then there’s news that makes the “chitterlings circuit” i.e. the email inboxes of black folk. This story seems to be more of the latter which is truly unfortunate considering the notable accomplishment of Gary, Indiana native Katie Washington. In the University of Notre Dame’s 168 years of existence, an African American has earned the honor of class valedictorian. Katie sports a 4.0 while majoring in biology major and minoring in Catholic social teaching. Her plans after the May 16, 2010 graduation are to pursue a joint MD/PhD from Johns Hopkins University.

Oklahoma City Bombing: 15 years later

Before 9/11 we had an in house terror attack in Oklahoma City that I’m sure none of us can forget. I remember being glued to the television for days and being particularly saddened by the preschoolers that died in the Oklahoma City bombing. I remember becoming leery of Ryder trucks whenever they crossed my path…those moments when terrorism wins… I remember Timothy McVeigh and the day he was arrested…and when he was executed…

Remembering Ryan White and the Ryan White CARE Act 20 years later

My how time flies and how far we’ve come when it comes to awareness and acceptance of those with HIV and AIDS in comparison to the 1980s. At the same time, we have quiet a way to go. One of the icons in the AIDS movement was Ryan White who died of AIDS on this day, April 8, 1990 at the tender age of 13. A hemophiliac, Ryan was diagnosed with AIDS in 1984 from receiving a blood treatment that was infected. The story of this young man from the midwest helped to begin to shift our thinking that HIV/AIDS was not a “gay disease.” Yet, he still faced his share of discrimination and was denied the opportunity to attend school once the school system became aware that Ryan had AIDS.

Cape Town offers best value for 2010 FIFA World Cup visitors

I’m attending this year’s World Cup and both the airfare and lodging is absolutely outrageous. I agree with paying a premium to visit South Africa during this time, but I feel like many establishments, and airlines are probably making profits that will get them to the end of the year on just those few weeks during the World Cup. It’s ridiculous. America is in a recession and we are the largest group of ticket holders. Wait, maybe we’re getting what we’ve given, lol. Too bad, I didn’t get any games in Cape Town. I’ll be mostly in Johannesburg. Read the article below… ~ Affrodite

Miami researchers examine safeguards for wandering adults

A group of Miami University researchers studying the national Silver Alert program for locating missing adults with dementia or other cognitive impairments question the program’s effectiveness and safety, given the speed in which it’s being implemented throughout the country. The gerontology group’s findings are published in the February issue of The Gerontologist.

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