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(Part 5) LAPD Captain Ann Young: Closing out interview series with readers’ questions

Let’s just put it out there, that’s really what comes to mind for many of us when we hear LAPD mentioned. The following questions were submitted via Twitter (@affrodite) and Facebook (Affrodite Sez). I hope by reading Capt. Young’s responses that you’ll at least get a new perspective from a high ranking officer in the LAPD as opposed to our limited exposure (except for those of you living within Los Angeles).

(Part 3) LAPD Captain Ann E. Young: Recounts shocking story when working in the Abused Child Unit

All too often we are captivated by horrific yet true stories that are seemingly unfathomable. Whether it’s our poor response to natural disasters as in Hurricane Katrina, acts of terrorism as in 9/11, or school shootings as in Columbine High School. Then there are stories like Shaniya Davis whose mother treated her own daughter as a commodity and sold her to sexual human trafficking…now dead. These stories affect the families directly associated with them as well as many of us who get a glimpse via newspapers or television.

(Part 2) LAPD Captain Ann E. Young: community involvement

Captain Ann E. Young (Capt. Young), has held a variety of positions as she’s grown through the ranks within the LAPD. Not being familiar with the various divisions within the LAPD or any police force, I wanted to get a better understanding of Capt. Young’s specific responsibilities at the moment and probe a little more into some of her community involvement.

Series Kickoff: Meet Captain Ann E. Young, first black woman captain named to LAPD

When I was asked if I would like to speak to Capt. Ann E. Young (Capt. Young) and given her bio, I responded with a resounding yes. Her career has included service in the Juvenile Division (Abused Child Unit), Robbery Homocide Division (Rape Special Section), and Internal Affairs. Outside of her main responsibilities, Capt. Young is very active in the community. Just the day before she she was part of the Los Angeles FOX 11 News “Wednesday’s Child” segment, a series that features older children in foster care, after spending a day with Christopher who is an aspiring police officer. Check out the segment below.

Interview coming soon with Toya Smith Marshall- winner of NPR’s essay contest for segment "This I Know"

Toya Smith Marshall is one of those ladies that has managed to do it all and keep it all together.  Professional belly dancer, professional makeup artist, Federal Govt employee, mother, wife, sister lock wearin’, manages 2 blogs (LIFE OF A LADYBUG and MAKEDA), I could go on… I recently spoke …

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