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Michael Jackson (1958-2009) by Nelson George

Michael was prepping to try to recapture his once elevated status with 50 sold out shows at London’s massive O2 arena. But that was not to be. In fact I believe that the stress of preparing for that show, after his long performing layoff, played a role in his demise.

Memorial Day 2009

I’m not the most patriotic gal you’ll ever meet, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to respect the sacrifices made by those in order for me to live freely.

Michael Vick…

Commentary on the controversy surrounding Michael Vick now that he has been released from jail where he served time for financing a dog fighting ring.

PEAS IN THEIR PODS- “Cyber snooping 49 year old parent turns to cyber bullying and results in suicide of 13 year old girl”

The story of 13 year old Megan Meier’s suicide from O’Fallon, Missouri as the result of cyber bullying by 3 main conspirators (a parent, her 13 year old daughter and a 19 year old female co-worker) who befriended Megan on MySpace under the fictitious identity of a 16 year old boy named Josh Evans raises more questions than answers.