Although her heart was in writing, Affrodite® followed her head and pursued a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Morgan State University and a master’s degree in Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering with a minor in Business from North Carolina State University.  In February 2008, after noticing a void in information about African-American natural haircare and styling, she decided to chronicle her own journey with this blog originally entitled “Affrodite®’s Adventures In Nappy Hair.” Her inkling was correct, and she quickly drew a following. In time, Affrodite® expanded her blog to include topics surrounding black culture and activism. It soon became clear that Affrodite® had found her true calling, and she took a leap of faith 2009 to pursue writing on a full-time basis.

With a new career resume building fast, Affrodite® found herself launching several other projects of her own and contributing for other online sources. She chronicled her hair appointments with then Columbus, Ohio-based natural hair stylist Dairdre Scriven in a blog BeautyOfMyLand and launched a pop culture blog Ifelicious®. She is a columnist for writing about women’s issues, music, and sustainable living. Additionally, Affrodite® has contributed to P.E.A.S. Magazine and the accompanying blog Peas in their Pods about missing African-American children. Passionate about sustainable living practices, she wrote for an online green travel resource serving as the writing team’s amabassador for Columbus, OH and New York, NY (note: the current website URL no longer reflects the work referenced here). She’s also written features in JENESIS Magazine and The 9’s magazine.

Over the years, Affrodite® has been invited to cover awards shows, film festivals, concerts and more.  If her successes to date are any indication of what lies ahead, Affrodite®’s talent and determination will undoubtedly pave the way for her to carve a niche as a successful blogger, freelance journalist, photographer, and aspiring documentary filmmaker.

Affrodite currently resides in Milwaukee, WI with her husband and two pampered teacup poodles named Happy and Sunrise.


Twitter- @Affrodite

YouTube- /OfficialAffrodite

Pinterest- Affrodite

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