VIDEO: The Definition of a Black Man (Spoken Word), let’s discuss

VIDEO: The Definition of a Black Man (Spoken Word)

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A spoken word piece like this is nothing new, but the stereotypes of black man prevail so there is a need to continue to broach the subject until racial profiling, racism, fear, and hate cease to be relevant. Take a look at the spoken word piece and comment with your thoughts.

The description below was taken directly from YouTube:

“Despite all of the recent controversies and all of the images circulating through the media portraying the black man as a threat to society, this video was composed to shine light on the aspects a black man the media fails to shine light on. The true Definition of a Black Man is not the images conveyed in today’s music videos. It’s not the images we see plastered on T.V. screens that fills the world’s eyes with negativity. It is time for the world to experience what the Definition of a Black Man really is. It’s time to shine the light on the image that was fought for. In the past if you were black, you did not have a voice. You were not recognized as a man. If you were black, you could not drink from the same fountain, sit in the same seats, you were considered less than human and not worthy of the lifestyle offered to others in society. Today that image still lives on in the mind of those not willing to see the Black Man for what he really is, A MAN… with dreams, goals, ambition and the heart of gold. This video was created to not only shine light on a new image in the media, but to redefine the TRUE Definition of a Black Man.”

Poem written by: Ryan Carson (twitter: @sebastiancarson)
Filmed/Edited by: Andrew Brown (twitter: @Drewski5000)
Thug Black Man: Tilmon Keaton (twitter: @tilmonkeaton)
White Man: Gil Costello
Cinematography/Colorist: Jairus Burks (twitter: @dopbatman0078)
Lighting: Davion Baxter
Audio: Ryan Rehnborg

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