Aron Ranen documentary “Black Hair” delves deeper into the black hair industry

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I finally saw “Good Hair” last weekend (I know I’m super late), and thought Chris Rock did a good job presenting an overview of Black America’s obsession with hair and attaining what has been called “good hair” meaning straight, Anglo-Saxon hair.  “RealitySurfer” left a comment on my post “Chris Rock’s ‘Good Hair’ not exactly what black folks hoped for” pointing me to the Aron Ranen documentary “Black Hair.”  So far I’ve only watched the the 10 minute clip below, but I’m already intrigued.  This documentary is good for folks wanted the less “made for Hollywood” edition of what’s going on in the black hair industry.  Chris Rock did reveal that black folks consume a lot of hair products and hair itself, but own a tiny percentage of the market share (using the visit to Dudley’s in North Carolina as an example).  Rather, many of the black beauty supply stores are run by Koreans, and as we saw in “Good Hair” a lot of the human hair used in weaves is from India.  This is just one of many examples where I, and many of you, are perplexed as to why we haven’t capitalized on a markets that are primarily for our community.

Take a look at the following “Black Hair” documentary, part 1 (1st 10 minutes) by Aron Ranen below…


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