Cincinnati: Perfections Salon seeking frizzy haired volunteers for Brazilian Keratin before/after

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Lose the frizzies — enjoy August in Cincinnati with smooth, shiny hair!

(PR Log), March 3, 2010, CINCINNATI, OHIO — August in Cincinnati is coming, and if you’ve ever wanted to ditch humidity-ridden frizzy hair in the summer, here is your chance.

Perfections Salon ( is searching for frizzy-haired women who would like to volunteer for a before-and-after photo session to show the results of the Brazilian Keratin ( smoothing treatment. Sarah Caudill who recently joined the salon as Perfections’ Brazilian Keratin expert will deliver the service for free.

The treatment is a chemical process service to smooth curly, wavy or frizzy hair. Unlike the traditional permanent relaxing systems or the Japanese thermal straightening systems, this service is designed to be long-lasting without changing the physical structure of the hair. Traditional relaxing and Japanese thermal systems actually break bonds in the hair. It is the perfect smoothing treatment for women who still want volume in their hair but want smooth and shiny frizz-free hair.

The search ends soon and there are only a few slots available. If you are interested in volunteering, call the salon at 513-984-2555.

About Perfections Salon

Perfections – the first salon to bring dry haircutting to Cincinnati; the only Cincinnati salon specializing in the most advanced cutting method available today to create sculptured hairstyles with sensual, fluid motion.

I wonder if this works on African-American typical hair textures.  Here’s a video I found about Brazilian Keratin smoothing treatment.  ~Affrodite

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