Can you go to church online?

I ran across this on the internet and thought the concept of an online church was an interesting topic for discussion.  Thoughts?

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The Joy of Jesus is an on-line church that offers its members the Word of god and prayers for the world. So many people spend their waking time on-line. Why not worship on-line?

February 6, 2010, PR Log — The Joy of Jesus on-line church is a new concept that allows its readers worship on-line. People may ask, “how can you worhship on-line? This is an interesting question. The answers is rather challenging at best.

The Joy of Jesus is Pastored by The Rev. Dr. James A. Lee. ” Our goal at The Joy of Jesus is to provide scripture and prayer for the world.” We offer a sermon and ministry for jobs, education and now a war on poverty. We pray for people around the world.The Joy of Jesus

Saint Paul wrote letters to his followers that is nearly fifty percent of The New Testament. We do the same thing with the computer. The writings of Paul live with us today. We really want to help people in need with our partnership with the Red Cross.

Rev. Dr. James A. Lee a minister of The Lord Jesus Christ for over 40 years. Pastor of The Joy of Jesus

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