PHOTOS- 2009 West Indian American Day Parade in Brooklyn

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Affrodite poses with some ladies from the parade.

This was the very first year that I got to attend this parade, and I had a blast!  It’s one of those moments that I’m glad to have Guyanese heritage in my veins.  The music is intoxicating and I love to see people from all over the Caribbean celebrating their heritage and giving others a glimpse through music, food, and more!

I’ve been going to Caribana in Toronto for years, but I kind of preferred at least the parade portion of this event because you could actually get there about any time of day and find a decent spot to watch the parade along Eastern Parkway.  It’s not as large as Caribana, but a nice alternative or addition to your summer festival fun.

I spent the afternoon checking out vendors, munching on a mango, and texting friends trying to figure out where I was in proximity to them.  In the end, I spent the afternoon alone, but I didn’t feel alone with all of the energy and music in the air.  I took lots of photos and even snuck into the parade to get some better shots at one point.


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