CITY KID by Nelson George- an appetizer for your reading soul so you go buy the book!

I just finished reading City Kid by Nelson George and am so excited to bring you more posts on both with my soon to be posted review and even more exciting upcoming interview with Nelson George.  So just to wet your appetite, I’m including a few more links and videos and such as well as channels to purchase City Kid online.

The below video is a must preview before reading Nelson George‘s City Kid. I’m looking at it after, but I like to read in a vacuum, unadulterated so I can look at the work with essentially a virgin’s eyes.  Maybe it’s a silly practice that I’ll eventually abandon, but it’s kind of my learning/absorbing/analytical ritual.

A mini-doc of Nelson George’s upcoming book release: “City Kid: A Writer’s Memoir of Ghetto Life and Post-Soul Succes” (April 2009, Viking).

Nelson George: City Kid from Nelson George on Vimeo.

WNYC- The Leonard Lopate Show interview:  Nelson George on Being a Nerd, Russell Simmons and Comic Books

NY Times (New York Observed section)- STRANGERS ON HIS STREET

article written by Nelson George about his life in Ft. Greene over the years.

Join the Facebook GroupNELSON GEORGE: CITY KID

Connect with Nelson George on Twitter@nelsongeorge

…and most importantly, you may purchase City Kid through any of the following channels:

Barnes & Noble

Have you obtained a copy?

Have you started reading it yet?  If so, what do you think?

Have you attended a book signing?

What’s your perspective on City Kid relative to other Nelson George creations?

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