Interview coming soon with Toya Smith Marshall- winner of NPR’s essay contest for segment "This I Know"

Toya Smith Marshall is one of those ladies that has managed to do it all and keep it all together.  Professional belly dancer, professional makeup artist, Federal Govt employee, mother, wife, sister lock wearin’, manages 2 blogs (LIFE OF A LADYBUG and MAKEDA), I could go on…

I recently spoke with Toya after learning about her winning essay from NPR’s segment “This I Believe” ( a weekly segment that is part of the NPR newsmagazine “Tell Me More” hosted by Michel Martin (thank you Jacqueline Carter- NPR media relations).

Toya’s essay is entitled “Natural” and describes her journey to go natural and acceptance of her authentic self.

Check her essay and the pre-recorded segment online by clicking below…


…and stay tuned for more on Toya Smith Marshall.

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