“How does it feel” D’Angelo to be objectified? …the table gets turned

Before, I get on my high horse, let me dismount and tell you that D’Angelo’s “Untitled” video was THE hottest man sexy video ever.  It could make a lesbian think twice and send a nun to a confessional.  I’m not the touch myself type, but who wouldn’t with 3 minutes of imagery like this available?

Ok, now to being serious…

So, I’m reading this article on Black Voices about how D’Angelo has finally signed up with another record company and will be working on a new album (article- Did Sex Symbol Status Kill His Career?).  The remaining (and majority) part of the article goes on about how D’Angelo really hates how his song “Untitled” and the sexy pec’ and abs bearing video that accompanied it…leaving little to the imagination…became his namesake.  It bothered him that all women wanted him to do was to take his clothes off.  I’m guessing he felt that he had more to offer as an artist.

As a woman, I can’t help but yell out a sarcastic “whoop-di-do” because it is status quo to objectify women, and women, such as myself, who resent it spend a lifetime being annoyed when going to the club and watching you menz lick your chops at the girl with the least amount of clothes on, the fact that we can make good money as an exotic dancer, how you seek to put us in your hip hop videos.

Don’t get me wrong.  I do feel for the brutha, we all live and learn.  That’s part of living.  I just wish we women could just up and walk away from our objectifying roles all at once.  Like one big planned walk out.  What would our men do then?

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